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Frequently Asked Questions

For the VRL MENA, atleast 3 players in the starting roster of each team must be residing in one of the 15 countries listed. The remaining players can either be residents of MENA or residents of EMEA.

Each team will have a pause allowance of 10 minutes maximum, depending on the type of match being played, to accommodate for connectivity issues. In general, we advice you to check your connection on the day of your match and make the necessary arrangements to avoid such issues. If after the 10 minutes the player still does not return, the game will continue as 4V5.


In the regular season play the top 4 teams from the Open Qualifiers and the 4 invited teams will compete against each other in a Double Round Robin BO3 system.

In the Playoffs the top 4 teams in the regular season group will be placed into a Single Elimination BO3 bracket to determine the winner of each sub-region.

The winners of each sub region will be flown to a single location to compete against each other in a BO5 match to determine the champion on VRL MENA Split 1.

VRL Mena: Resilience will be streamed on the twitch.tv/vrlmena Twitch channel, as well as our channels on Youtube and Facebook

Players actively playing in the VRL can broadcast their game's POV as long as it is not already being streamed on the official channels. All player stream must have a minimum delay of 3 minutes. Please check the rule book for more information.

The entire tournament will be online.

The games will be managed online through the Toornament platform.

Provided a substitute player has been registered, they can join the game instead of the original player.